How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 Laptop

If you discover any file fragmentation during your analysis, then your Windows 10 computer may be in need of a defrag. And don’t worry if you’re not sure whether you have an SSD or an HDD. When you launch the defragmentation process, Windows will tell you whether it’s looking at a hard disk or an SSD.

There is a large variety of screen recording software on the market today, with a diverse set of additional features. Windows 10 – Game Bar – start screen capture Once screen recording has started a small counter widget will appear. In game bar view you can toggle audio on or off and leave the Game Bar clicking somewhere while your screen capture is running. When you’re finished, click stop in Kapwing and the video will import into the studio. In addition to screen recording, Kapwing has free online tools to edit images and videos. (Provigil)

How to Record Whole Screen Windows 10 with Windows Game Bar

This can happen when you’ve been doing a lot of work on your computer. If your computer has been running slow, here’s how to manually defrag your Windows 10 computer. Defragging is a process where your computer organizes the contents of your hard drive, so it can efficiently locate and read files. This frees up space on your computer and makes it run faster. Defragmentation is a great place to start, but it’s just one part of good Windows hygiene.

  • To capture your computer screen, please click “Screen Recorder”.
  • You can follow the below guide to know how to use disk defragmenter windows 10 by using Command Prompt.
  • Microsoft now allows developers to distribute Win32, progressive web applications, and other packaging technologies in the Microsoft Store, alongside Universal Windows Platform apps.

It has a large number of options that allow us to change settings, install and uninstall applications, among other functions that we can perform at the same time. Whether we need to use a dark theme in apps or disable Snap Assist, we can do it all in a matter of seconds from this app. Restart your PC and check if the colors look natural or washed out. AMD also offers dedicated software to auto-detect and install driver updates for AMD Radeon and Ryzen series CPUs. You can download the software from the same website as mentioned above. Multiple desktops are a common MacOS feature, and a good way to keep multiple facets of your digital life organized.

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This could be due to an app not being compatible as yet, or Windows 11 doesn’t take kindly to a component in your PC. Would it be too much to ask for a hardware monitor capable of telling people when their CPU is overheating? Particularly, without needing admin privileges just to see a basic temperature. I dont’ think a lot of home builders buy TPM chips and install them. Another Xbox feature now bound for Windows, DirectStorage allows your game to load content directly from your NVMe SSD into your GPU’s memory, without using a lot of CPU resources.

You can also use third-party tools to get the exact shot that you want. The easiest way to open Snipping Tool is to go to the Start menu by either selecting it or pressing its keyboard button, type Snipping tool and select it or simply press Enter. The program itself has some hotkeys such as choosing snipping mode by pressing Alt+M , making a new screenshot in the last mode you chose – Alt+N and Ctrl+S for saving your snip. Often named a “Greenshot alternative”, Lightshot is a Windows screen snipping tool that lets you quickly take a picture of your desktop or a selected region and share it.

There are many third-party Windows screen capture applications like SnagIt or Screen-Cast-O-Matic which cost money. The Game bar doesn’t work properly with all apps, and it’s unclear why. We were only able to use the Game bar if we could see it, and the Game bar only popped up when we were playing in windowed mode. It is not only a screen capturing tool, but it also packs a powerfulvideo editor. It integrates several third-party services such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office, TechSmith Screencast, and Dropbox. Record ready-to-upload videos of your screen and integrate external video sources with a lightweight and easy-to-use tool.

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